New What software engineering roles/similar roles are in demand?
1 hour, 13 minutes ago

I have about a year and a half YOE as a Java backend engineer and I was recently laid off in August. I have been applying to what little entry level-mid level roles that I qualify for but I’m not having any luck.

Im wondering should I keep apply and pursing Java development or should I transition to a less saturated/higher in demand role and which roles should I look into.

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Trying to get into Software Engineering
10 hours, 36 minutes ago

I am graduating in May 2024 with a B.S. in Computer Engineering Technology and Electrical Engineering Technology. After 4 years of school and 2 summer internships, one as an IT intern where I developed windows applications using VB.Net, C#, MS SQL, and a control automation intern, that I am being pulled into the software side of technology. I want to pursue a career in software engineering but development would also be fine but I am stuck on what to do next to achieve that goal. My current bachelor degrees I feel have taught me the fundamentals of overall coding but feel that my degrees will not help me get an entry-level software positions. Any suggestions on what I should do to break into the industry? I have been contemplating doing a M.S. Software Engineering, M.S. Software Development, or M.S. Computer Science. Any suggestions anything will help?

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I need your guidance :)
16 hours, 16 minutes ago

Hi everyone, I am deciding to do a career change and pursuing software engineering with, in mind my final goal which would be machine learning and AI engineering.

I have always been a fan of tech but I have never been happy with the work I am currently doing (I have a bachelor’s degree in Hospitality management).

My question is as I cannot really spend 3 years doing a bachelor in computer science, what online certificates and courses should I follow that still hold enough value to get jobs in this field ? Would the experience that I gain be valuable enough or I am doomed forever as I did not do a bachelor in computer science?

Which path would you recommend ?

I have obviously stumbled upon CS50 introduction to computer science, would you recommend this as a start ?

I also found this AI course (see pic) on Codecademy which is doing a good price as we are in cyber week but once again, not sure how much weight those certificates bring on a CV.

All your feedback and comments are appreciated no matter how positive or negative, I am super motivated and eager to start my journey :)

Wishing you all a lovely start of Christmas season !

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Is this a standard or acceptable architecture?
17 hours, 55 minutes ago

I just started a new job and am looking at a few repositories in Git. I’m trying to understand the thought process behind this architecture before I suggest making changes.

Currently, each repository has 3 branches (2 stale, 1 active) and each branch is set up to essentially be a Dev Branch, a UAT Branch, and a Prod branch (Main). I personally am confused on why they would set it up this way and not just include arguments in the repo itself to change between Dev/UAT/Prod environments at runtime. I think it’s a pretty standard best practice to keep Git clean with 1 main branch and then create other branches for dev/support purposes as needed, right? All of these are finished projects as well, not currently under active development, so really there should only be a main branch, and then if anything else is needed you’d create a new branch and go through a pull request process. They currently don’t even use the pull request functionality, as they track all change management through ServiceNow and just use the actual case as the place to declare a change can be made to the repo. Kind of odd. Am I misinformed here?

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Advice Needed - Proof of concept
19 hours, 54 minutes ago

Hey guys! First time posting here, hopr whoever is reading this has a great day.

Technical director at my company gave me a task for a proof of concept doing a headless wordpress setup. We usually did block based custom themes but he wanted us - me and my senior - to take a headless approach.

I did a couple of custom blocks having them rendered, did some custom post type queries, SEO optimization coming from yoast SEO, header menu - skipped footer tbh -, skipped forms and multilingual as well for the time being.

Should i deliver it like this? Also, another question, my senior keeps nagging me about delivering and is making it hard for me, he didn't work on this at all. yet, he wants to deliver it ASAP and also get recognition for it even though he doesn't even know reactJs.

So my questions to you guys

A. How should the delivery be? "just deploy next to vercel and wordpress to a website and hand over the links or deep in depth review of code"

B. Credting my senior though he didn't even touch the code and didn't want to work on it and keeps nagging on it took much time - yet we are totally free, some tickets here and there from live websites (max 5 hrs per week) -

Thanks all and I hope to get you feedback on this!

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C# VS save data project
20 hours, 24 minutes ago

Hi Ive done test and production projects in the past wirh c# vs Im fairly good with it but not the best as im embedded biased.

Ilin the past if i need to save non volatile data e.g. test data i save them as a text or csv file. And read and write to the file using stream.

I want to save and read data without the user being able to see it or modify it i currently hard code it but wondering if theres a other way.

Is there a way to store and pull in data without keeping a csv or text file somewhere?

Is there also a way the program can pull in csv data and store it as an initialisation and save the data even when the executable and pc has restarted

My need for this is to pull in data e.g. product data , i want to avoid a txt or csv incase they are modified. I look forward to suggestions Thanks

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Help! Advice needed
23 hours, 11 minutes ago

Hi all,

I've realised that the technology role I am most interested in is being a Software Architect! I am aware this is technically the software engeering subreddit, but I suspect some of you may still have good advice for me. However, my background is a bit unusual - would love some advice as to the best way to proceed!

A quick bit of context:

  1. I originally studied a BsC in Economics, mostly focussed on statistics/econometrics, so built first understanding and application of python to real-world use-cases here

  2. I was a management consultant that moved onto technical projects, eventually becoming considered a technical product manager for clients, managing teams of engineers, designers etc. I did this for 3.5 years. During this whole period, I was coding up prototypes, designing architectures with feedback from engineers, as well as the usual product management type fare (user stories, product backlog, stakeholder management).

  3. For the last 4 years, I co-founded a startup as the CTO where I coded up the first version of everything, then managed to raise funding and hire 4-5 engineers + product designers to build the next iterations of our product. My responsibilty again was both on the product management side as well the technical side - I designed the archtectures for every part of the stack (obviously working with my engineers to make sure it made sense) and made significant code contrinbutions to all areas, in particular iOS and the all the backend services (microservices). This included the mobile stacks (iOS and Android), our AI stack (pipelines, data prep, training, deployment, monitoring), Data Engineering (analytics, user/event data streaming, dashboards), Backend dev (node.js (express) and python (flask)) and DevOps (CI/CD into Kubernetes which I setup to auto-scale, manage ingress, certs etc etc). This was intense (working on the product and tech side simultaneously), but means I've been coding/architecting/analyzing (you name it) almost 10 hours a day (not including product management time) for this entire period.

  4. Unfortunately, the startup didn't get managed to raise our next round and we had to make the hard decision to shut up shop.

Reflecting on this wild experience, I found that I really enjoyed the Software Architecture side, where I could easily spend hours reading blogs about design patterns/solutions to technical problems in distributed environments/you nae it, and am proud of the diagrams and documentation I accumulated (and kept very organised) over that period. This led to become very interested in pursuing a career as a Software Architect (as vague as that is). In fact, I had already read most of the recommended reading books in this subreddit organically as I tried to learn best I could about Software Architectures.

I am aware that I don't have a Comp Sci background, or a pure software engineer background.

Would love to hear your thoughts on:

(1) am I crazy or is this actually feasible

(2) what gaps/questions about my background should I make sure to fill/have good answers for before applying for jobs

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How long of a Pull Request is too long?
1 day ago

Hello everyone, I’ve been working in software for a few years. However, I am often pretty self conscious about subjecting my teammates to a Pull Request that is like “too long”. Cause if it’s like 500 lines purely of code I don’t think it’s easy for someone to go through, but sometimes something just can’t be a small change. I’ve heard small changes are preferable, but like is pushing partway done code ok? Idk. I’ve heard that with like truly good Test Driven Development, maybe people don’t even need Pull Requests anymore. They can just use the tests to make sure the software is good, I think?

What’s your opinion on “too long”?

Also like I feel like if it’s really long and teammates don’t have all the context on it, can they really give an in depth review?

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Rate limiting design
1 day, 3 hours ago

I am designing rate limiting in my application in which the rules can be dynamic. I have a basic design in which every request is validated against the rate limiting quota, which is stored in redis. As the system scales, redis will become the bottleneck and I want to cache the quotas in memory to speed up the response time. Now the challenge is to sync the in memory values with the ones in redis. Are there any algorithms or whitepapers which can guide in solving this?

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CS Degree OR Boot Camp
1 day, 4 hours ago


I’m 31 and pretty much made up my mind about switching into computer science. With a logistics background from the Navy I’ve been thinking about Data Analytics but I would like to be a software engineer, however, with no experience or knowledge but I don’t mind much.

I’ve applied to boot camps, one being Flatirons, passed their assessment and the admissions interview, this will cost $18,000 for the 6+ month program. I also have my Bachelors degree in social services from SNHU so core classes done but will essentially still have 3/4 left of a CS degree. This will cost $28,000.

My question is for people in this field, employers, employees, etc. what is the most logical way to go about this? Essentially I want to understand every aspect of software engineering to be confident enough to do the job and know what I’m talking about as well as being impressionable to employers.

Thanks in advance!

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New Databricks vs. Snowflake vs. Dremio
1 hour, 44 minutes ago

I have used Databricks and Snowflake in the past and learned about Dremio as well, but have never used it so far.

I have a hard time to grasp the differences of the products when it comes to which is the best choice for which scenario.

So far I would say I prefer Snowflake when I need an easy to use and easy to setup Data Warehouse. It's especially useful if you want to invest all your time in getting value out of data and not invest so much time into operations and setup. Its great for integration in business intelligence solutions like Tableau.

I like Databricks when the data is a bit more in volume and also more diversity in Data formats. The focus of Databricks is in using Spark to move and transform data in streams or batch, but when the main focus is machine learning, AI, but also BI.

What about Dremio? What are you pros/cons or maybe use cases for the specific platforms?

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New SQL and Database & Data table design interview coming up
2 hours, 33 minutes ago

I have an SQL and Database & Data table design coding round coming up with a gene-omics startup scale firm. What level of difficulty should I be expecting in the interview? I have some SQL foundation and experience but will have to invest some time into database design. Thanks

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Career Progression
3 hours, 51 minutes ago

Here is my career progression.

0-2 years - SQL DBA/BI Engineer

2-4 years - BI engineer

4-5 1/2 years - Big Data Analyst

Now trying for DE roles and going through interviews.Got offer for a DE role, but have few more interviews to be completed. Before working as a Big Data analyst I tried for DE roles but I was not able to move forward in the interviews as I didn’t have any professional experience with Cloud Technologies or big data tools/technologies.

Is this a general career progression or y’all got into DE roles much earlier in the career.?

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How are DEs using Docker containers for their ETLs?
4 hours, 42 minutes ago

Curious about containerization and ETLs

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Advice for someone looking to transition from SWE to DE?
5 hours, 13 minutes ago

Hi fellow DEs,

I currently work as a SWE with almost 2 YOE, I've always been interested in the field of data and came across the concept of DE when researching about different job opportunities. I wanted to stay heavy coding (which rules out DA) and DE seems to be the right fit.

However, as I read more and more posts in the sub, I realise a huge portion of DE's responsibilities involve DevOps as well. Setting up environments and configuring has always been my No.1 pet peeve in the world of software development. I didn't need to do much of it in my role of SWE as it's mostly handled by other people in the same company.

An example would be, me trying to setup Airflow + DuckDB and etc. in docker for experimentation. I am instantly mind-boggled by the configuration process (e.g., how to write a proper YAML to initialise these components).

All in all, I just want to get some insights from someone already in the field, to know how well I would do if I have an inherent resentment towards doing DevOps. Also, what would be the percentages be like for Python, SQL and DevOps in general?

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Any new updates from AWS re:Invent for data engineers?
8 hours, 21 minutes ago

One interesting thing I saw was a lot of zero-ETL features for Redshift (from Aurora, DynamoDB, others). A lot of Q stuff that I don't care about.


Not sure if I missed anything cool.

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Focusing on results in a CV
8 hours, 46 minutes ago

I was trying to revise my cv, and while looking for some advice on reddit, the tip I come across a lot is to describe your professional experience in term of results instead of tasks.

And I started to see a lot of examples where CVs look too much alike, and they all include something like: "improved performance of the system by 800% and saved the company $2M+"

While the premise behind this approach has some merit, in the sense that you should highlight what you achieved in this role and what matters at the end are the results, for a recruiter reviewing your CV it doesn't give him any idea what are really your skills, the tasks you have been working on daily, and the kind of situations you were exposed too. Those numbers can mean anything, and definitely not the best indicator at how good you are at your job.

I know that at the end of the day businesses care about how much money you can generate for them, but this approach seems a little forced.

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Anyone Else Stuck in a Bad Job? How Do You Cope?
8 hours, 48 minutes ago

I am 27 years old, 3 YOE, stuck in a role at a bad company working 8-5 on site for $110K (20K pay cut from last gig). Toxic company culture as well and shoved in basement with IT support. Living at home and don’t want to be in this town. No wife no kids no friends.

Only been 3 months and can’t find another job especially since I was only at my last gig for 6 months. Not even doing DE work, stuck doing low code BI work with piece of shit software called Domo.

Debating quitting and doing my MSDS full time and finishing next July. Have $40K saved up.

Anyone else in a similar situation? How do you cope? Not sure how to get out of this one anytime soon, given my spotty job history and job market.

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Best youtube course on learning api?
9 hours, 55 minutes ago

Hi guys,

There are loads of full courses for learning how to work with apis as a beginner and I was wondering which one is really recommender for a data engineer?

I’m new to learning api and I think it would be important for me to learn how to authenticate apis and pull data from api (post and get?)

Hope to hear from you!

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Fivetran Connectors —Odoo
10 hours, 5 minutes ago

we’re using Fivetran as a ETL tool and Odoo for accounting & finance. However, Odoo is not one of Fivetrans’ applications. There’s no connection between them.

Is there any workaround to make this happen? and how?

  • BigQuery is the DW
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New DRF ERROR "TypeError at /movie/1 'builtin_function_or_method' object is not subscriptable "
2 hours, 3 minutes ago


from rest_framework import serializers from watchlist_app.models import Movie class MovieSerializer(serializers.Serializer): id = serializers.IntegerField(read_only=True) name = serializers.CharField() description = serializers.CharField() active = serializers.BooleanField() def create(self, validated_data): return Movie.objects.create(**validated_data) def update(self,instance,validated_data): = validated_data.get['name',] instance.description = validated_data.get['description',instance.description] = validated_data.get['active',] return instance 


from rest_framework.response import Response from rest_framework.decorators import api_view from watchlist_app.models import Movie from watchlist_app.api.serializers import MovieSerializer @api_view(['GET','POST']) def movie_list(request): if request.method == 'GET': movies = Movie.objects.all() serializer = MovieSerializer(movies,many=True) return Response( if request.method == 'POST': serializer = MovieSerializer( if serializer.is_valid(): return Response( else: return Response(serializer.errors) @api_view(['GET','PUT','DELETE']) def movie_details(request,pk): if request.method == 'GET': movie = Movie.objects.get(pk=pk) serializer = MovieSerializer(movie) return Response( if request.method == 'PUT': movie = Movie.objects.get(pk=pk) serializer = MovieSerializer(movie, if serializer.is_valid(): return Response( else: return Response(serializer.errors) if request.method =='DELETE': movie = Movie.objects.get(pk=pk) movie.delete() return Response() 


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New Error al importar módulos en Django: ¿Alguien puede ayudarme a solucionarlo?
3 hours, 24 minutes ago

Descripción del Problema:

Estoy trabajando en un proyecto de Django y estoy teniendo problemas con las importaciones en mi archivo ``. Estoy recibiendo errores como "Unable to import 'django.contrib'" y "No name 'SignUpView' in module 'users.views'".

**Estructura del Proyecto:**

- Proyecto/

- users/


- products/


- orders/


- payments/


- reviews/


- chat/


- notifications/


- Proyecto/


**Contenido de**

from django.contrib import admin
from django.urls import path
from usuarios.views import SignUpView, ProfileView
from productos.views import ProductListView, ProductSearchView
from pedidos.views import CartView, OrderListView
from pagos.views import PaymentView
from reseñas.views import ReviewFormView
from chat.views import MessageListView
from notificaciones.views import NotificationListView
urlpatterns = [
# Usuarios
path('usuarios/registro/', SignUpView.as_view(), name='registro'),
path('usuarios/perfil/', ProfileView.as_view(), name='perfil'),
# Productos
path('productos/', ProductListView.as_view(), name='lista_productos'),
path('productos/busqueda/', ProductSearchView.as_view(), name='busqueda_productos'),
# Pedidos
path('pedidos/carrito/', CartView.as_view(), name='carrito'),
path('pedidos/lista/', OrderListView.as_view(), name='lista_pedidos'),
# Pagos
path('pagos/', PaymentView.as_view(), name='pago'),
# Reseñas
path('reseñas/', ReviewFormView.as_view(), name='reseña'),
# Chat
path('chat/', MessageListView.as_view(), name='lista_mensajes'),
# Notificaciones
path('notificaciones/', NotificationListView.as_view(), name='lista_notificaciones'),

**Lo que he Intentado:**

- Verificar la estructura del proyecto.

- Revisar las importaciones en

- Ejecutar migraciones.

**Mensajes de Error:**


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'django.contrib'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 1, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 1, "endColumn": 33 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'django.urls'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 2, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 2, "endColumn": 29 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'usuarios.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 4, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 4, "endColumn": 51 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'productos.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 5, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 5, "endColumn": 63 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'pedidos.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 6, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 6, "endColumn": 50 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'pagos.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 7, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 7, "endColumn": 36 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'reseñas.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 8, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 8, "endColumn": 42 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0611:no-name-in-module", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/no-name-in-module.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "No name 'MessageListView' in module 'chat.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 9, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 9, "endColumn": 39 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "E0401:import-error", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/error/import-error.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 8, "message": "Unable to import 'notificaciones.views'", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 10, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 10, "endColumn": 54 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "C0114:missing-module-docstring", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/convention/missing-module-docstring.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 2, "message": "Missing module docstring", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 1, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 1, "endColumn": 1 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "C0103:invalid-name", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/convention/invalid-name.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 2, "message": "Module name \\"Urls\\" doesn't conform to snake\_case naming style", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 1, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 1, "endColumn": 1 


"resource": "/c:/Users/jorge/OneDrive/Escritorio/Las 10 funcionalidades/Empezando de nuevo/", "owner": "\_generated\_diagnostic\_collection\_name\_#3", "code": { "value": "C0411:wrong-import-order", "target": { "$mid": 1, "path": "/en/latest/user\_guide/messages/convention/wrong-import-order.html", "scheme": "https", "authority": "[](" } }, "severity": 2, "message": "third party import \\"from notificaciones.views import NotificationListView\\" should be placed before \\"from chat.views import MessageListView\\"", "source": "Pylint", "startLineNumber": 10, "startColumn": 1, "endLineNumber": 10, "endColumn": 54 


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New htmx or basic javascript?
3 hours, 53 minutes ago

almost finished a js course, and want to dive into learning django. was thinking of doing react until I found out about htmx. Here's the thing, can I skip htmx completely and just focus on basic js, since from some of the posts on this sub I hear that while htmx is great its not comprehensive like js. so if i've already invested time in js, can I just focus on that as everything htmx can do - js can do, but everything js can do - htmx can't do?

really knew to this stuff, dont want to invest time in something that i don't need.

thanks for reading

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New Generate HTML documentation for Django API
4 hours, 3 minutes ago

I created my REST API using vanilla Django and without installing Django REST Framework. I would like to have a way to create HTML documentation for the various endpoints but most libraries seem to only work with DRF (and many don't seem to work at all, like Djagger).

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New High count of Resolver404s
4 hours, 41 minutes ago

I'm getting thousands of Resolver404s a day. It looks like sites may be crawling my pages looking for common content like wp-login and similar. This has resulted in about 30k exceptions a day in my Sentry which is not so great on my monthly event budget. How can I handle Resolver404s across the entire site?

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How to configure django-markdown-editor to save upload images to local storage
7 hours, 43 minutes ago

Hi there,

Here is what is working:

Here is not working:

I tried to configure & save the uploaded images to local storage based on it's wiki but it does work

I have the following in my app's but it never call "markdown_uploader" function


urlpatterns = [path('api/uploader/', markdown_uploader, name='markdown_uploader_page'),]


# @ login_requireddef markdown_uploader(request):print("got here???")


Has anyone able to save the upload images to either local storage or AWS S3?

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HTMX in Django App
8 hours, 51 minutes ago

Hi, I'm hoping to confirm if my code below is the best way to integrate HTMX in my Django app. I'm attempting to replicate the functionality from the example link below. The functionality will allow the user to toggle between viewing static data and editing the same data through a form. My sample code uses hardcoded dummy data, and I'll eventually integrate functionality to read/write from the database too. The HTMX example demonstrates the code to be used on the templates, but I'm not confident that my Django views / architecture is the correct way to integrate it on the server side.

# View for initial page load def display_activity(request): # Query Activity model for first record activity = Activity.objects.first() return render(request, 'activities/display_activity.html', {'activity': activity}) # View called by HTMX to change the div so that it displays a form def update_activity(request): if request.method == 'POST': pass if request.method == 'GET': return render(request, 'partials/update_form.html') # View called by HTMX to change the div so that it displays static data def view_activity(request): return render(request, 'partials/view_data.html') 


{% extends 'base.html' %} {% load static %} {% load crispy_forms_tags %} {% block content %} <div id="activity"> <p>Initial Dummy Data</p> <!-- Because page intitially displays the data, the button below uses HTMX to switch the parent div to display an editable form --> <button class="btn btn-primary" hx-get="{% url 'update_activity' %}" hx-swap="innerHTML" hx-target="#activity" data-action="update">Edit</button> </div> {% endblock %} 


<!-- This form is inserted into the parent div by HTMX when the user wants to edit the data --> <div id="activity-form"> <form hx-swap="outerHTML" hx-target="#activity-form"> {% csrf_token %} <input type="hidden" name="activity_id" value="1"> <input type="text" name="new_description" value="dummy data"> <input type="submit" value="Save"> </form> <button class="btn btn-primary" hx-get="{% url 'view_activity' %}" hx-swap="innerHTML" hx-target="#activity" data-action="view">Submit</button> </div> 


<!-- This div is inserted into the parent div by HTMX when the user wants to view the data --> <div> Sample Data <button class="btn btn-primary" hx-get="{% url 'update_activity' %}" hx-swap="innerHTML" hx-target="#activity" data-action="update">Edit</button> </div> 

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Which one is preferred: self._state.adding VS not
10 hours, 41 minutes ago

I'm going to do some checks before object is saved in DB and I just came across this:

if self._state.adding: # do something 

which I never used before. I only used:

if not # do something 

are they functionally equivalent for identifying new model instances? Does one method have advantages over the other in certain scenarios? Seeking insights on best practices and functional differences, if any.

Which one is preferred generally?

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I need help fixing card alignment issue using Bootstrap
12 hours, 1 minute ago

if you need to see more of my code, let me know what I need to provide

I cannot figure out what is causing my card layout to not align horizontally, instead it lays vertically.

Here is the section on my website where I am trying to achieve the layout. This is in my index.html page:

 <div class="container-fluid"> {% for review in reviews %} <div class="card-deck"> <div class="card" style="width: 18rem;"> <div class="card-body"> <h5 class="card-title">{{ review.review_rating }}/5 Stars</h5> <p class="card-text">{{ review.review_comments }}</p> <a href="#" class="btn btn-primary">Go somewhere</a> </div> </div> </div> {% endfor %} </div> 

Here's what it looks like at the moment

Other sections that are on my index page are a carousel and about section. Would any of the code in those sections be affecting the card layout?

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Django GraphDB
16 hours, 9 minutes ago

Hi everyone - never did a big Django project before but now I plan to start one which might grow in the future. It is an internal app and it will need to do some operations with Neo4j. My question is: is Django my best option or should I use another framework? I will need the basic admin over users etc but in terms of ""additional"" databases, I need to build a knowledge db with Neo4j (or any alternative graphdb). thanks in advance :)

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New Some error everytime i try to enter a google cloud via links
3 hours, 29 minutes ago

i cant seems to access google cloud links (every google cloud links its always end up popping up like this) anyone knows why?

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New How to search for a VM on GCP?
7 hours, 49 minutes ago

Is there any practical way to locate a VM on GCP? For example in AWS or OCI, by putting the name of the instance in the search field I can quickly locate it, in GCP is there a way to do this? In the search field I've already tried to enter the name of a VM and it doesn't find it. I want it to show the VMs regardless of the project, I need a global search in all the projects I have.

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New Vertex AI
10 hours, 12 minutes ago

I’m using vertex AI for machine learning model which typically takes 2-3 hrs to run on my work laptop. And I can use vertex ai only when connected to VPN, but my work laptop screen locks due to no activity on screen, so how do I run my models on vertex AI?

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New What's the equivalent of Microsoft Development (E5) Program or AWS?
12 hours, 50 minutes ago

Looking for Development offers for GCP for learning purposes such as what MS offers wither E5 Development Subscriptions offers. Does Google offer the same?

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New Possible to invoke Cloud Function from AlloyDB?
16 hours, 19 minutes ago

Is it possible to invoke a Cloud Function from AlloyDB as part of a SQL query?

In AWS, I can invoke an AWS Lambda function from an Aurora PostgreSQL DB cluster. I'm trying to find something similar in AlloyDB. But, my web searches have been fruitless. Does something like this exist?

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New Discord Bot on Google Cloud problems
16 hours, 57 minutes ago

Been trying the Google Cloud Compute Engine to host a Discord Music Bot made in python. The bot acknowledges the commands I send via text chat but the audio never comes out. Tried another pre-made Bot, especifically JMusicBot to see if maybe it's my bots fault but its the same problem. For context I use tmux to keep the Bot running, but even without tmux the problem persists.
I'm not that familiar with Google Cloud to know if it even is possible to host a Discord Bot. Maybe someone could guide me?

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New Has the PCA certification been updated?
20 hours, 44 minutes ago

I've read that the ML cert/exam has been updated, and that the ACE will be soon. Is this also the case for PCA (I'm currently preparing for it)?

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Why are C3/C3D instances not listed as "compute optimized"?
1 day, 7 hours ago

I have a CPU bound workload that I scale across cores with openMP. It performs well on the C2D instances, but now that C3D is available I'm interested in trying it. I'm curious as to why it's listed under the "general purpose" category, when it's clearly the next gen of the AMD architecture.

The workload is low memory footprint and low I/O rate, but benefits greatly from on chip cache.


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New Charlie Munger has died
11 hours, 17 minutes ago