About feedgrid.io

Summary [top]

Feedgrid is a web-based news aggregator for RSS or Atom feeds.

It allows you to organize your feeds into related topics and view feed items in 2-dimensional grids (rather than a single infinite scroll column).

Our goal is to provide a highly configurable tool to organize large amounts of diverse content and easily check for new content periodically with a bird's eye view.

Schematic diagram of a feedgrid grid

Grid/Topic/Feed Hierarchy [top]

Content in the app is organized into grids, topics, and feeds, where:

  • Feed - an RSS or Atom feed, provided by other sites
  • Topic - a set of 1 or more feeds, picked by the user
  • Grid - a set of 1 or more topics, picked by the user
  • What Grids Do [top]

    A grid displays feed items organized in 2 dimensions, along rows and columns:

    • (rows) Each row is a topic. Topics are sorted top to bottom such that topics with the newest content are at the top.
    • (columns) Columns contain feed items in a topic, and are ordered chronologically so that the newest items in a topic are at the left.

    Searching For Feeds [top]

    You can search and preview feeds using the search page:

    • Click on the Search button in navigation bar
    • Search feeds by their URL text
    • Click outside of the search box and a feed preview will populate
    • You can navigate to the feed detail page by clicking the to browse more items in the feed (and also add it to a topic from the detail page)

    Adding Feeds to Grids [top]

    Once you have created a grid you can search for feeds and add them in topic groups from a single edit page.

    • Click on the Grids icon in the navigation bar or sidebar to manage your grids
    • Choose an existing grid in the table and click
    • Search for feeds using the search bar to preview the items
    • Choose from your existing topics using the selection dropdowns
    • Drag and drop the blue feed icon into a grid topic
    • (Please note, if you create a new grid with the , you can only add existing topics to it)

    Creating Topics [top]

    A topic is a collection of feeds. You can make a new topic either directly while editing a grid, or by using the topic edit page:

    • Click on the Topics icon in the navigation bar or sidebar to manage your topics
    • Click on the button
    • Choose a topic name, a duration for how long items are new, and the feeds in this topic
    • You can choose feeds by searching them by URL

    The topic edit page is slightly faster for adding feeds in bulk to a topic, since it does not display previews of feeds as you search.