Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why would I use this app?

    Because you hate infinite scroll interfaces and just want a bird's eye view of content from multiple sources presented in a simple way, without all the recommender system bullshit.

    But also because when you're just in the mood for some channel surfing, it's way more enjoyable to have a breadth-first search interface that gives you the big picture of what's going on, rather than depth-first search. If you've ever found the t.v. guide channel helpful when you hunker down to veg in front of the tube, then you've got the idea.

  2. Aren't there existing apps or sites that do this?

    Not really.

    There are lots of feed readers with mobile or browser-based apps. Some are mature, feature-rich software like, Feedly or Tiny RSS, to name a few. But the sleek, commercial ones still make heavy use of the infinite scroll interface to mix together feeds [seemingly] haphazardly into one long scroll, and the opensource ones use a lot of depth-first search interfaces and are basically just an another email client with a bunch of folders to monitor (which ironically feels like a lot of work just to get some trivial headlines and/or infotainment).

    Very few websites or news apps present their first-party or third-party content in the way we do, and frankly they have little incentive to do so. Their goal is to maximize screen time, and the infinite scroll interface is perfectly fitted to recommender engines built for the purpose of selecting content for you that will, in aggregate, keep more eyeballs around longer to display more ads or to get more user/item interaction data to sell to data broker platforms.

    So trut, be told, the RSS reader market has all the symptoms of a glut. It takes only a casual search to see most readers are just minor variations of essentially the same app; and all that app is good at is streaming raw data at you, when what you really want is to make sense of it with a pivot table.

    A montage of purportedly different RSS readers.
  3. With this interface aren't we losing valuable screen real estate that could be filled with the newest content?

    Perhaps, if you consider this to be an actual loss. We think there's value in maintaining "old" content at its natural arrival rate once you've set up a grid of topics. There's a lot of content out there, and in practice you can't consume everything in one sitting. Just like shuffling papers on your desk, you might not be in the mood to read something this instant, but still want to keep it in sight on a specific pile for later.

  4. Do I need to make an account to use this app?


    You can browse any of the grids content in our landing pages without an account of any kind, however you're limited to the feeds pre-selected for you.

    If you would like to make grids and select feeds you're interested in, you may do this with a user account.

  5. Do I need to pay to use this app?


  6. How does make money?

    It doesn't. (But we'll take some if you're offering, of course).

  7. Why build and operate

    It was something to do, and we like it.

  8. Do you collect and sell personal data?

    No. We don't collect any personally identifiable information, except for inadvertently if you for some reason decided to put it in your username when making an account, and that's on you. You may use this site without making an account if you choose. If you do make an account, you don't need to provide your personal data. Take a look at our Privacy Policy for more details.

  9. What kinds of feeds are available?

    We currently have RSS and Atom feeds for several hundred popular websites, with a range of content types. There are also often multiple feeds per site for websites such as news sites or forums like Reddit. The easiest way to find feeds is to search for some of your favourite sites by URL, using our auto-complete search functionality to help find content.

  10. Can I add a new feed?

    Yes, if you create a user account. However you can only create feeds for standard RSS or Atom feeds. If you'd like to have feeds added for sites that don't provide such feeds, you're always welcome to contact us with a list of the sites you're interested in and we'll see if it's possible to accomodate this.

  11. How often are feeds updated?

    The frequency depends on the feed. We update news site feeds every 15-30 minutes. Other feeds that don't change as frequently are downloaded daily, to ensure our service doesn't place unreasonable load on the feed providers.

  12. Do you host any content?

    No. We only provide links to third party content and images, obtained from publicly available feeds or websites that allow automated downloads. Any summary text provided is taken verbatim from a feed provided by the publisher, and we don't help you circumvent any advertising/paywalls/etc on the publishers' sites (let's please respect that they have to earn a living too).

  13. I like the idea but the interface is clunky; can you improve it?

    Probably. We'd like to have an easier admin interface with a single-page feed search and drag-and-drop editing of topics and grids (ideally without having the user have to make topics explicitly). But life is short and javascript is long. However, if you have frontend development experience and some elbow grease to spare, you're more than welcome to reach out with a proposal.

  14. How can I request content removal?

    If you are a domain owner or webmaster and would like to request content removal, please contact us and we'll be happy to address your concerns.

  15. Are there adult content feeds?

    Yes, although you have to specifically choose to see them by first creating a user account and opting in to adult content. We don't have any pretentions and are content-agnostic so long as it's legal. This site isn't competing with TikTok any time soon, but we figured some adult feeds might give it more exposure to a niche audience.