Privacy Policy

At we value privacy (and hope you do too). This document outlines the information we do and don't collect about visitors to this site.

Information We Don't Collect

This site does not use tracking cookies.

While we do use a strictly necessary session cookie that stores your unique session identifier, it does not contain any data about your account or browsing activity.

You don't need to provide any identifying information (such as an email address or phone) to use the site, or even to register a user account.

We don't ask for or collect your personal information, unless you choose to contact us directly and provide your email through our contact page. If you do email us, we'll treat that email confidentially and won't do anything nefarious with it, because we hate spam and assume you do too. We'll also delete it at your request.

Information We Do Collect

We do collect the following information about all traffic to this site, and store it for security analysis, product analytics, and site development:

  • Visitor IP address (and inferred country/state/city)
  • The date and time of traffic requests
  • The user agent string of the client or browser used
  • Accompanying headers and payloads for all requests made to the server

This information does not in itself personally identify you to us, and we do not use data enrichment techniques with other data sources to identify you.

If you create a user account, we store your username and an encrypted version of the password you provide. No one (not even our administrators) are able to see your actual password.